"50 SHADES OF CUTLERY (a punitive guide to table manners)" is a comedy/horror 9 minute 40 second short based on the premise that a waitress's thoughts could become powerful enough to psychically punish ill mannered guests.

This, my first video project won THE DIAMOND AWARD (first place) in the LOS ANGELES HORROR COMPETITION. It was presented at the BRIGHTSIDE FILM FESTIVAL and was SEMI-FINALIST with the INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL. 

If you want to learn table manners in a way you can't forget (and have a good laugh at the same time),"50 SHADES OF CUTLERY (a punitive guide to table manners)" is now available on YouTube! 


REPLAY is my second short/series pilot screenplay. It is a comedy and is about a quirky, shut in woman (Sarah) with OCD who tries online dating in her search for love and a lasting cure. The series will not only follow Sarah's progress but that of her other support group members. There are currently no plans to produce this project. 


My screenplay for REPLAY is currently in the quarter finals of THE CREATIVE SCREENWRITING SCREENPLAY CONTEST and the semi finals of the MANAHATTAN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL COMPETITION. 

My book PURGATORY is also available as a screenplay.

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