Candy is a pessimistic optimist, a former opera and Broadway singer and currently an actor and the writer of book, screen and memes. 


Here, discover her new book: PURGATORY and her CD: “Candy O’Connor SURVIVING”. On other pages you'll find updates on her screenplays and film projects - including her award-winning film short, “50 SHADES OF CUTLERY – A Punitive Guide to Table Manners” and her screenplay pilot REPLAY!


If you love music, take a moment to listen to a cut or two from her CD located on this page – or check out the OPERA CAREER page and find her music videos of: “The Bell Song” from LAKME, her silly Halloween music video in which she lip sings (badly) to her live recording of “Der Holle Rache” from THE MAGIC FLUTE and last but not least, her live performance of “Glitter and be Gay” from CANDIDE.


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